Choosing Your FlowersRainy Wedding | 5 Tips to Protect your Wedding from Bad Weather

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A rainy wedding is a very possibility in the UK, let’s face it. I’d like to say particularly if you’re not getting married during the Summer months, but the truth is, any day could be a washout. The best we can do is be prepared! I’ve compiled a list of ways to rainproof your wedding. Making a contingency plan for bad weather is never going to be time wasted!

Don’t Let a Rainy Wedding ruin Proceedings!

  • Wedding umbrellas are cheap enough to invest in. You might never use them, but if you do, they’ll prove invaluable. At the very least they’ll protect your hair and makeup so that you’re still looking perfect for the photos! Plus they’re prettier than the average umbrella and won’t look too shabby in the photos either.
  • If part of your ceremony or reception was going to be outside, make sure that there is an area that’s undercover. If you’ve hired your venue on the strength of their beautiful grounds, they may well have some sort of gazebo or small marquee that they can put up. It’s worth asking the venue what sort of back up plans they have in place for a rainy wedding
  • When you arrive at the ceremony, make sure you have enough people around you to pick up the hem of your dress and veil and stop it from trailing in any puddles
  • Why not have your wellies on standby? They might not be your most glamorous footwear, but you’ll be pleased you thought about it if the rain stops and you want to have some photos taken outside in the sunshine and mud afterwards!
  • If the forecast for your wedding really is dire and you had your heart set on an outdoors wedding, consider bringing your outside decoration, inside and holding an indoor garden party-themed wedding!