Let the Wedding Planning Begin!

wedding shoes bridal preparations

wedding shoes bridal preparations

I have some exciting news that I have put off sharing here on the blog until now but I am very excited to announce that I am finally planning my own wedding!  My fiance proposed on December 12, 2012 and we have set the date for April 12, 2014 – just under a year from today. Over the coming months, I will be sharing details with you on the planning process along with some great DIY projects we are planning and some fantastic budget ideas we will be incorporating into our event.

But first – for today – let’s start with the first thing: the ring and the story

Our Proposal Story:

I was proposed to in a tent – not even kidding! You see, my fiance and I have dated before – nearly 16 years ago in high school. It was a very short relationship (less then a month) and we have stayed friends ever since. Two years ago, I was going through a divorce and I needed to find a room mate to help cover the rent. He happened to be looking for an affordable place to rent at the time, so we agree to become room mates.

We were both very surprised to discover how quickly we started to develop feelings for each other. We decided to go on a date, so on June 12, our first official date was a bonfire and camp out in that same tent. We both love camping, so that tent became part of many of our memories together. On Dec. 12, exactly a year and a half later, he woke me up at 12:15 in the morning and told me I had to come out and see what he had done in the garage.

He had cleaned out the garage, turned on the BBQ to warm it up and set up the tent so that he could propose in the tent (it was -30 outside so proposing in the tent outdoors would have been a chilly experience). We had talked about getting married and I knew he had bought the ring already but he was still able to completely catch me off guard!

diamond rings

The Ring:

When we started ring shopping, I knew I wanted something less traditional. My fiance has a April birthday which is a diamond birthstone so I started looking for diamond rings. I wanted a synthetic diamond because I personally don’t care for the look of real diamond. I fell in love with my ring almost instantly. It had a large synthetic diamond surrounded by white sapphires with diamonds in the band and it was less then $2500.

He was worried that I would regret picking something that inexpensive so we shopped quite a bit and I tried on every every engagement ring and ruby ring I could find but nothing could beat that ring. I knew it was the one – and once he was sure that I was sure – it became mine

Budget Tip:

Here is my first budget tip that I learned while picking out my engagement ring: don’t be afraid to look outside the engagement ring display!  My ring was in the bridal jewelry display at Helzberg’s.  During our ring shopping, I found another ring almost identical to this one except that it was an engagement ring and had an internally flawless diamond. Same size, same gold, same insurance, same coverage, etc.  We asked them to get us a price for that ring set with a diamond and they came back with a price of $4500. That is a huge price difference for a ring simply because it is an engagement ring!  I found many gorgeous rings that would make perfect engagement rings but because they were not labeled engagement rings – they were substantially more affordable.