Making the ‘Small Bridal Party’ 2017 Wedding Trend Work for You

bridal party

There’s no doubt about it: getting engaged is an extremely exciting event. There’s the flurry of attention, the initial feverish choosing of dates, and the selection of the bridal party. Within hours of donning the ring, brides may find themselves on the phone with every “close” friend they’ve ever had, asking them to be in the bridal party.

Amassing a huge bridal party might seem like a good idea in those first few days of wedding planning, but the likelihood is strong that a big bridal party will end up being a big mistake, which is why one 2013 wedding trend that’s gaining steam is the small bridal party.

A small bridal party means less cost and less complication.

It’s not a hard-and-fast requirement that brides give their bridesmaids gifts, but it is the classy thing to do. Bridesmaids spend lots of money throughout the course of wedding planning and the actual ceremony, and it’s a nice touch to thank them by giving them a gift; it’s especially nice to help them with those expenses or give them gifts that can be used again and again as well as on the wedding day. Fewer bridesmaids means that brides can spend less money on bridal gifts overall, or even give slightly fancier gifts.

In addition to lowered costs (for example, you might want to offer to pay for your bridal party’s salon services on the wedding day—having fewer people in the party instantly makes this more affordable), there’s less complication in a small bridal party. Brides don’t need to spend time during the planning process wrangling the schedules of ten other women with lives and plans. Furthermore, close friends and family members will already be attending most bridal events, so it won’t be an added hardship for them, either.

While it might seem tempting to invite every good friend to be a bridesmaid, the trouble this can cause is more than it’s worth for everyone involved. One final consideration: in ten years, how many of the people in a twenty-person party will still be close friends? Looking back, will you want them in your wedding pictures? Nobody can predict the falling-out of a friendship, but choosing your most loyal friends will help brides hedge that bet.

Small bridal parties are trending right now for many good reasons, including those listed here. Keep them in mind as you plan your 2013 wedding, and remember—the fewer bridesmaids you have, the more you can invest in them. Who can argue with that?