Making the ‘Small Bridal Party’ 2017 Wedding Trend Work for You

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There’s no doubt about it: getting engaged is an extremely exciting event. There’s the flurry of attention, the initial feverish choosing of dates, and the selection of the bridal party. Within hours of donning the ring, brides may find themselves on the phone with every “close” friend they’ve ever had, asking them to be in the bridal party.

Amassing a huge bridal party might seem like a good idea in those first few days of wedding planning, but the likelihood is strong that a big bridal party will end up being a big mistake, which is why one 2013 wedding trend that’s gaining steam is the small bridal party.

A small bridal party means less cost and less complication.

It’s not a hard-and-fast requirement that brides give their bridesmaids gifts, but it is the classy thing to do. Bridesmaids spend lots of money throughout the course of wedding planning and the actual ceremony, and it’s a nice touch to thank them by giving them a gift; it’s especially nice to help them with those expenses or give them gifts that can be used again and again as well as on the wedding day. Fewer bridesmaids means that brides can spend less money on bridal gifts overall, or even give slightly fancier gifts. Continue reading “Making the ‘Small Bridal Party’ 2017 Wedding Trend Work for You”

Wedding Day Reveal Interview with Ellen Mary Mcgee

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MM: What was the most stressful part of planning your wedding

EMM: The most stressful part is deciding on the guest list, as it isn’t possible to invite everyone you know

MM: Where did you get married?

EMM: The wedding took place at the old Finsbury Town Hall in Clerkenwell and was beautiful.

MM: What style / theme did you opt for?

EMM: We just wanted nice food, good wine and some home made elements such as table numbers, cakes and table flowers. We liked the idea of handmade details. my sister-in-law hand decorated jugs for the flowers which her and my mother-in-law collected and arranged. I made my own bouquet and drew the table numbers. Besides, we blew the budget on the venue, food and wine!  a friend who has now gone on to run a very successful wedding photography business was just setting up at the time so photographed our wedding as a favour (Kathryn Edwards Photography)

MM: How did you feel as you made your entrance?

EMM: Quite nervous as I made my entrance. it’s hard being the centre of attention and not something I’m that comfortable with. My friend Aine played the harp as I walked down the aisle and that sounded beautiful Continue reading “Wedding Day Reveal Interview with Ellen Mary Mcgee”

Choosing Your FlowersRainy Wedding | 5 Tips to Protect your Wedding from Bad Weather

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A rainy wedding is a very possibility in the UK, let’s face it. I’d like to say particularly if you’re not getting married during the Summer months, but the truth is, any day could be a washout. The best we can do is be prepared! I’ve compiled a list of ways to rainproof your wedding. Making a contingency plan for bad weather is never going to be time wasted!

Don’t Let a Rainy Wedding ruin Proceedings!

  • Wedding umbrellas are cheap enough to invest in. You might never use them, but if you do, they’ll prove invaluable. At the very least they’ll protect your hair and makeup so that you’re still looking perfect for the photos! Plus they’re prettier than the average umbrella and won’t look too shabby in the photos either.
  • If part of your ceremony or reception was going to be outside, make sure that there is an area that’s undercover. If you’ve hired your venue on the strength of their beautiful grounds, they may well have some sort of gazebo or small marquee that they can put up. It’s worth asking the venue what sort of back up plans they have in place for a rainy wedding
  • When you arrive at the ceremony, make sure you have enough people around you to pick up the hem of your dress and veil and stop it from trailing in any puddles
  • Why not have your wellies on standby? They might not be your most glamorous footwear, but you’ll be pleased you thought about it if the rain stops and you want to have some photos taken outside in the sunshine and mud afterwards!
  • If the forecast for your wedding really is dire and you had your heart set on an outdoors wedding, consider bringing your outside decoration, inside and holding an indoor garden party-themed wedding!