Wedding Day Reveal Interview with Ellen Mary Mcgee

couple getting married

MM: What was the most stressful part of planning your wedding

EMM: The most stressful part is deciding on the guest list, as it isn’t possible to invite everyone you know

MM: Where did you get married?

EMM: The wedding took place at the old Finsbury Town Hall in Clerkenwell and was beautiful.

MM: What style / theme did you opt for?

EMM: We just wanted nice food, good wine and some home made elements such as table numbers, cakes and table flowers. We liked the idea of handmade details. my sister-in-law hand decorated jugs for the flowers which her and my mother-in-law collected and arranged. I made my own bouquet and drew the table numbers. Besides, we blew the budget on the venue, food and wine!  a friend who has now gone on to run a very successful wedding photography business was just setting up at the time so photographed our wedding as a favour (Kathryn Edwards Photography)

MM: How did you feel as you made your entrance?

EMM: Quite nervous as I made my entrance. it’s hard being the centre of attention and not something I’m that comfortable with. My friend Aine played the harp as I walked down the aisle and that sounded beautiful

MM: Tell me about the entertainment

EMM: Possibly continuing the DIY theme, we had friends dj-ing and playing as the wedding band. We have so many talented friends we thought we might as well utilise their talents. I have sung at many friends’ weddings (including the Monty Manatee nuptials!) so thought it was fair to ask and friends were happy to play/ sing

MM: What was the highlight of your day?

EMM: It was all good. we stayed in the honeymoon suite in the hotel above our local pub in stoke newington afterwards and that was great too

MM: If you could go back and do it all again, what would you change, if anything?

EMM: The only annoying thing was the flowers that were delivered to the wrong room (the dining/ function room where we already had handmade arrangements by my mother/ sister-in-law rather than the room where the ceremony was taking place). It was annoying as you try to micro manage every element of the day and I gave the florist very detailed instructions the day before about where to deliver the flowers. the room looks a bit bare on the photos! that’s the only thing that went wrong though as far as I can remember…

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